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BodyTalks is a project run by the Global Shapers Brussels Hub meant to raise awareness, through storytelling, of the various ways in which body image links with mental health. The words we hear, the pictures we see, the mirrors we look into, the media we consume – they all shape our views of ourselves and others. 

This project aims at shedding light on how much we share and how little it takes to make a dent into someone’s self-confidence. Ultimately, it will hopefully make all of us reading these stories that little bit more aware and that little bit kinder to each other.

We collect anonymous stories, we illustrate them, and ultimately we will publish a collection to share with those who need to see it the most. To do that, we need your help! Share your story with us, and we’ll make sure it reaches someone who benefits from it.

The BodyTalks Book Project

 We collected 25 unique, real-life stories from people who have suffered, or are currently suffering, from body image issues and are ready to share that experience. All will be translated into English, French, and Dutch, ​​and illustrated by our very own graphic designers. We now want to include them in a book with the goal of distributing it to the population most vulnerable to body image problems (adolescents, young adults). We will also organize events around the book, such as public readings and guided discussions. 

We hope that those who read this book will understand that they are not alone with their problems and that there is always a way to overcome what they are going through. We also hope that those who have never had body image issues in their lives will be more sensitive about this topic, will understand the importance of the way we talk about it, and how to approach people with similar issues.

You can support us by making a contribution; just click on the “donate now” button!

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Your body hears everything your mind says.

– N. Judd


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